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What is 3A?

What is 3A?

What is BVSD Ballot Measure 3A about?


Boulder Valley School District Ballot Measure Question 3A on the 2016 ballot asks whether voters will authorize a mill levy in BVSD as provided for in state statute. Because the State of Colorado has, for several years, been unable to adequately fund public education, it’s currently up to local communities to fund these needs.

In 2016, the Colorado state legislature granted local school districts the authority to ask voters to fund a new mill levy dedicated to providing for various operational and technology expenses. By freeing up general fund dollars presently committed to operational and technology expenses.

The mill levy will, if passed, initially raise $10 million by adding approximately 1.7 mills to BVSD taxpayers' property tax calculation. The BVSD Board of Education would also be granted the authority to increase the mill levy by no more than one mill per year to a maximum of four mills.

Why vote yes?

Why vote yes?

A "Yes" vote on BVSD Ballot Measure 3A will protect the current excellence in education provided to students while allowing the school district to foster innovations in curriculum and instructional delivery initiated in the district strategic plan – the Success Effect. The passage of 3A in 2016 will provide funding to achieve the following outcomes:

Maintain the present level of educational services.

Invest in preventative maintenance for buildings and equipment.

Add more educators to meet student needs.

Replace out-of-date textbooks and provide better online learning material.

Provide educator training and development.

Enhance technology and provide students with innovative opportunities.

Protect BVSD students from possible cuts in statewide funding of Colorado public education.

Annual Property Tax Impact


Residential: under $14 per year per $100,000 of actual valuation to a maximum, by 2020, of $32 per year per $100,000 of actual valuation

Non-Residential: under $50 per year $100,000 of actual valuation to a maximum, by 2020, of $116 per year per $100,000 of actual valuation

Why Vote “Yes:”

Boulder Valley voters have consistently supported public education. Measure 3A is a prudent measure that will allow Boulder Valley School District to maintain excellence, foster ongoing educational innovation to achieve student success. Passage of 3A will show that our students are the highest priority. It is up to us! Please vote YES on 3A!

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